Current Reading

Well, I’m posting this from work which is a bit of a shock as up until now all blogs have been blocked by our firewall. Very frustrating. I seemed to get a partial way round this as I use my own domain but it still blocked the links to the images and wouldn’t let me post. Until today that is. Now I have full access so I thought I’d take advantage.

What am I reading? Will have three on the go at the moment. One by the bed, one in the attic toilet and one in my bag for to and from work!

Bed: The Fall of Carthage – Adrian Goldsworthy. been reading this on and off for a while and it reads well. I was a little confused when he seemed to be suggesting that the Romans actually fought in the chequerboard formation and DIDN’T close up the gaps just prior to actual combat. I’m not really sure there’s enough evidence to support this and does seem rather impractical and potentially dangerous on the battlefield! I’m just covering the action in Spain, Sicily and Macedon before moving on to Hannibal’s return, Zama and the 3rd War. Overall, enjoying it.

Toilet: Belisarius – The Last Roman General – Ian Hughes. Only just starting this but as it’s written by a wargamer I have high hopes of good content. Preparitory reading for my Early Byzantine Project for next year.

Bag: Warrior of Rome: King of Kings – Harry Sidebottom. The second of his books about Ballista the northerner in Roman service during the 3rd Century Crisis. Enjoyed the first book but am finding the writing in the second a little contrived. Maybe it’s the problem of having to fill in references to book 1 so book 2 makes sense? Still early days but the first battle approaches. Not sure I like the running theme of his being hated by the youg Roman nobles. They seem to stereotypical and reminiscent of Sharpe’s run ins with arrogant aristocratic officers in the Cornwall books. No doubt I’ll read the third as and when…

Got more basing done last night and the eBay Gallic cavalry arrived. Nicely painted figures but a little on the small side as 15s. Not sure on the make but maybe someone can ID them once I have a picture up?

Anyway, rapidly approaching lunchtime so must do some work!