What’s been happening…

Spent last week on holiday. Newcastle to Shrewsbury, Shrewsbury to Truro, Truro to Portsmouth, Portsmouth to Newcastle. Two kids, late nights, bad neck and back. So much for a rest… 🙂

Anyway, sole gaming related activity was a visit to Southsea Models. Shop was quiet, a bit cluttered and the owners son was running it for the day so knew little about what stock may have been out the back etc. Bought the Osprey on Byzantine Armies of the 6-9th Centuries, some dice, and a GW wash. Although not overly impressed it is good that shops are still around and they deserve our support.

Work and hols have meant a quiet time on the painting front. I’ve finished the other bits for my rough ground/woods terrain piece and will post a picture or two soon. Still have my triarii waiting to be finished.

Today, bough a small Spanish army off Ian at the club to bolster my Punic armies. Simply and nicely painted, I will be applying washes and rebasing soon and no doubt painting a few more to add to it.

Other time sink has been work on a website/blog/forums for Tyneside Wargames Club. Sill pulling content together and ironing out some glitches but it will all go live later this month in time for the Border Riever Show first Saturday in September.

Been planning my next army which will be Early Byzantine. Still looking at figures and picking up books for research but this looks like it will be my 2010 project assuming I finish my Punic stuff this year. Been planning on this army for a long time courtesy of Mr Graves novel about Count Belisarius and this who are aware of my online presence will notice a theme 🙂

Will post some more soon. Maybe some reviews of the latest mags…