New terrain pieces

Been working on some new bits of terrain to compliment those I’ve done before. Usual construction: random shaped MDF pieces from East Riding Miniatures, Polyfilla One Fill for surface, PVA and ballast mix, paint and highlight etc. I wanted to try some water features and had tried using a load of gloss varnish. This had taken ages to dry and had shrunk and cracked.

So…painted over it and applied Woodland Scenics Realistic Water! Pour it in, minimal shrinkage, job done! Or not… Shrinkage was not minimal and where I had some texture to the underlying surface that has been reflected in the water surface. It also meant that the grass tufts I added to the larger water area have had the ‘water’ shrink around them leaving the PVA blob visible. At c.£17 a bottle I shall be experimenting further to make sure I get my monies worth! I may still apply another layer in the hope that flattens out but I’m tempted to leave these as is and move on to the next lot.

Anyway, here are the two pieces:

The main water feature:

The ‘meant to be slightly boggy ground with trees:

And the same with added water but and other tuppenny features:

The smaller add-in pools haven’t really worked. I think I’m still going to seek out the plastic washers to make the areas that the 2p pieces fit in as the current method is still too rough and imprecise.

Not sure what to do next. May do another couple of rough ground only ones. Other issue with these is that I didn’t spray them with matt varnish first and they seem to have warped a little. May also have been because I used a much watered down brown to do the main coat.