Heroes 2010 – Blackpool: Part 4 – Sunday

So the final day dawned. Battle still raged over the streets of Stalingrad and the tournament was to be decided in a game between Sam Prior and Phil Draper.

My final game was Slava from From The Cellar 3 against Martin Baker. This was our first game even though we’ve been to the same tournaments a few times. I took the Germans again with a mixed force of SS and Wehrmacht and a captured T34. My task was to push down the board and across the shallow stream to exit top right past a large building. With only two bridges across and a lot of hedges and walls blocking lines of sight it would not be easy. And, as in Friday’s game, fire was to play it’s part. The T34 fell early to the AT gun but I managed to push forward and drive the Russians back. The two small blazes placed at the start spread rapidly as first we had gusts and then a mild breeze to fan the flames and soon the large buildings and wooden rubble at the end of the board were blazing away. I even had a berserk SS squad who punched a hole in the defence but throughout the game I had 8 boxcars and 8 snakeyes so it was a very hit and miss affair!  Despite making it to the end I left myself too little time and Martin had pulled back enough to cover the exits, crucially including his HMG which covered the main bridge. As time was running out and my lift home was waiting, I conceded.

The end of the game

So that was it. Played 6, won 2, lost 4 and all were good fun! It was good to be playing again and I hope I can find the time to resurrect my playing, especially against my regular opponent Neil who I haven’t played in some time!

Good to see people again though. And thanks to Pete at View From The Trenches for organising it. We may be back in the Hotel Skye again next year, which may or may not be a good thing! The new owners are very accommodating, friendly and keen to refurbish and there has been a great improvement in food so hopefully it will be good.