Catch up…

Been a while since I posted. Most of the intervening time has been taken up with work and then two weeks in Cornwall. Was meant to be only 10 days but this year we made the extra effort to avoid a 12-14 hour journey with kids and flew down. And then volcanoes happen and we get an extra four days followed by a 12 hour drive home then work the next day. Still haven’t really recovered and this weekend is unlikely to help as my wife is away and I have the kids. They are however going to be at there Gran’s on Friday night and most of Saturday so I’m hoping to get a little ‘me’ time!

So here’s a quick update on a few things. Hopefully more details to follow in a few days.

  • 6mm 1815 Prussians – first lot of Landwehr are done but need officers painting and then all basing
  • 6mm 1806 French – I’ve received two more batches of painted figures. One more lot to come and then I’ll base them up and post a review/comparison of the figures and the painting services.
  • 15mm Punic War  – am about to purchase a load of very nice Roman and Carthaginian figures. These will all need rebasing but the end result should be two large and very nice armies.
  • Magazines – have the new WI (OK) and await the new BG which looks excellent.
  • Books – have the Grant/Ollie Wargaming in History which I’m looking forward to reading, plus a book on Austerlitz
  • Another Slight Diversion – have just picked up Future War Commander so may be dabbling a little in 6mm futures!

And I’m reading Tyrant by Christian Cameron which I’m rather enjoying

That’ll do for now…