2010 – Review of the Year

In a lot of ways 2010 was not as productive a year as I hoped but I did manage a significant ‘diversion’ which I’ve really enjoyed. And I failed miserably with my 2010 Painting Plan! I still intend to progress with that so have amended it appropriately! 🙂

So, let’s just go through the highs and lows of my wargaming year:

Cold War Commander – the purchase of a load of modern microarmour led to this significant diversion. The few games I’ve had have been fun. Putting together the armies has been fun. And the guys over at the CWC forums are a great bunch – knowledgeable and helpful

Heroes 2010 – despite a lack of playing ASL for a while I decided to head to Blackpool for the ASL Heroes Tournament in March. Although I just played friendly games it was great to be playing again and to see all the regular guys. And my write-up from the blog was published in View From the Trenches which is probably the only ASL related stuff I’ll have published.

6mm Napoleonics – the start of the year saw me delving big time (in purchase if not in painting!) into 6mm Napoleonics. I have a stack of Prussians for both 1806 and 1815. The former for Lasalle, the latter for Grande Armee. I failed to manage a single game of Grande Armee but I do have some French 1806 based up for Lasalle so may push on with the 1806 Prussians/Saxons in the hope of getting a game! I’ve enjoyed doing the 6mm basing I have done though.

Partizan – May saw my first ever trip to Partizan in Newark. An excellent show with some great games on and plenty of traders. Report here.


Lack of gaming – two games of Cold War Commander. That’s it. A pretty poor show over the year…They were good games and I hope to have another soon but I feel I really need to do better this year.

No AWI – despite the release of the excellent Peter Pig AWI range and the acquisition of a stack of militia I’ve failed to do any AWI related gaming/painting. With the prospect of a deluxe second edition of British Grenadier I really want to get back in to this.

Lack of painting – although I’ve painted some stuff for Cold War Commander, a large part of the building of the armies has been touching up and re-basing. The lack of actual ‘figure’ painting has been a little depressing. The early surge of 6mm Prussian faded by mid-year.

No Ancients – I’d hoped to push on with my Punic Armies and maybe get in some games of either FoG or DBMM but failed. I’ve been waiting for some Gauls to come from a painting service (now over a year overdue). If they arrive in January this may kick start 15mm Ancients again. If not then I will be entering into a long period of dispute and possibly legal recourse. Failing that, an unreasonable rant on TMP may suffice!

So what are my unreasonable expectations for 2011? Well, all of my plans will be underpinned by my Neutral Wargaming Project. I’ll formally launch this tomorrow but in the meantime, here are the main plans:

Painting Plan – to add some more red boxes to the plan on the right! More likely to be for Lasalle than Grande Armee I think.

Imagi-Nation – as part of the Great WD3 Imagi-Nation games planned for April I will be painting my ‘Savage Swans’. My first proper foray into 28mm, this may evolve into a little Imagi-Nation – time and funds permitting.

15mm Ancients – finish re-basing my Punic War armies and paint the last few odds and ends I need for my Spanish.

Cold War Commander – finish my Russians and Belgians…and British…and Canadians…:) And then maybe dabble with Future War Commander!

AWI – paint soem of the Peter Pig range I’ve bought and have at least one game of British Grenadier!

To be honest, that is enough! I’m sure I’ll fall far short but hey! you gotta try!

So, a HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my visitors and I hope I can get enough done, and enough poss to keep everyone interested. Hope you all have a productive 2011 and look forward to following your progress as well via my ever increasing list of blogs I follow!


4 thoughts on “2010 – Review of the Year”

  1. Hi Andy,

    Nice update and you sure do have a lot of diversions – good luck with your plans for 2011 especially the 'wargame neutral' idea.



  2. Happy New Year, hope to see and play you at Hero's this March. I plan to get to the next Partisan or Sheffield Con to rekindle that obsession. What say you?

  3. Partizan should be a good possibility as I enjoyed it last year. I shall have to check dates and brownie points to see if I can secure a pass (and the car!)

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