Now my wargaming started many years ago with 25mm Napoleonics. When I started again, on both occasions, I went for 15mm. Partly for cost/space reasons and also because I wasn;t happy that I could paint 28mm to a standard I’d be happy with. I found the painting techniques I used gave good results for 15mm and I was happy with that so I avoided 28mm for years. My club, Tyneside Wargames, play a lot of 28mm large skirmish games and after playing a WW2 game I tried painting up a few Germans (see Categories). I was quite pleased with them but only managed four…

Then came Henry Hyde, Battlegames, WD3 and the 2011 Ayton Game. You’ll find more about this in the ImagiNation sections as I fill out the content there, but the crux of the matter was I needed to raise a 28mm ImagiNation force for the game. After a bit of consultation and some very generous help from Jim Purkey (Der Alte Fritz) I decided on the RSM range of figures. These work out at about 60p a figure and are really rather nice. They also mix well with Mindens. There are pics in the Gallery of the Savage Swans

So I currently have:

  • Von Donovan’s Legion – the ‘Savage Swans’
  • Contingents from the Burgraviate of Alterfrtizenburg
  • Ottoman types – in preparation
  • Turkish pirates – in preparation
  • And four WW2 Germans!

Links and more info to follow…