Secret Santa Wish List 2014

Mmmm.. Secret Santa Wish list. That’s a difficult one. In the past I have been quite specific even down to codes and numbers. Still several options but it kind of takes the secret out of it! So given that my main projects for the coming year or so are built around my ImagiNation stuff, both C18th and C19th. I’d quite like something to add to them, whether it be equipment, stuff for a vignette, command, light troops… anything really… 🙂 I know that’s a bit vague but it gives plenty of choice for a surprise!

Assuming my Santa is UK based or at least placing any order in the UK I’d suggest something from Crann Tara? if looking at the C18th stuff? But not Royal Ecossaise as I have a load already!

For the C19th stuff then we are looking at the Spencer Smith classic range: which is what I’ve based my stuff on…

Does that help? If not then ask Catherine to contact me and I’ll get a bit more specific! 🙂