Figures for the Guards

Looking for some figures for the Guards in the Southern Campaigns. I’ve seen various figures (15mm) people have used/suggested included Freikorps in turned up slouch and full kit and also some Minifig marine figures. I could just do them in tricorn but fancy a more casual look. I have some Polly Oliver figures:

These are meant to be Continentals in slouch with full coats and turnbacks. I quite fancy using them for the Guards but references I’ve seen suggest a turned up slouch hat and/or a largish feather/decoration on one side. Not sure how fixed that is or if the British could have just worn them ‘plain’? Planned to use maybe tricorns figs for command maybe?

Anyway, comments appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Figures for the Guards”

  1. Andy, it's simple: change to 25mm and add your voice to the throng demanding that Alan Perry make specific guards figures ;^)


  2. Noooooo! Not 28mm. At least until I've got all Cowpens done!

    I've done some green stuff mods to the figures here to add feathers and will use them for Delanceys. I'm then going to get a little more adventurous and change the hat to suit for Guards. As ever, it's finding the time!


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