New appointments in the American Command

Finally managed to get the two extra brigade commanders I need for the Americans done. So here are the American staff. I had done the CinC figure in red facings but decided that buff was more apt so updated him. So….

Here’s the lot…

The main man…

The two new brigade commanders…

and Light Horse Harry Lee…

For some reason I didn’t take a detail of the militia commander on the right. For the two new brigade figures I used a darker blue for the uniforms than I’ve used before and generally I think I’ll use this for any other continentals I do in blue. Annoyingly there seems to be some paint chipped on the reins of one. Have touched it up but don’t have time to do another photo.

Should have another game lined up for next Saturday. Looking forward to it. We’ll be making a few adjustments from last time to unit sizes. The BIG 36-40 figure units just throw out too much firepower and skew the results e.g. 40 figs rolling average will do more damage than 2×20 on the same roll. We’ll see how it goes. I should have the camera with me again so hopefully a full report will appear here.

Now all I have to do is decide what to paint next. I’m tempted by either another Continental unit in an ‘interesting’ uniform or breaking my large New York 1st in their finest uniforms into two units with a bit more variety of look. Or finally paint up my Guards! Who know….



3 thoughts on “New appointments in the American Command”

  1. Especially like the Lee figure – very effective… & the two new brigade commanders are lovely, nice paint job – I especially like your shading..

    What make are the horses? They have a most unusual cast of head and neck..

  2. Hi Steve,

    Both the new American brigade commanders are Polly Oliver figures. Their horses weren't always the best but they seem apt for the worn down horses you'd probably get in the South!


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