Yet another slight diversion!

Well, as a bit of an aside from the masses of 15mm AWI I’ve been doing of late I thought I’d have a crack at some 28mm stuff. There’s a game at the club tomorrow, 28mm WW2 skirmish using Richard’s solo rules, and seeing as I was taking part I thought it best to have a few figures of my own to throw on the table.

I’ve not painted any 28mm ever. The last 25mm I painted were Hinchcliffe many many years ago. I may have done the odd figure for role-playing but again that has to be at least 15 years ago!

So here are my first attempts…

The hardest part was the faces. I’ve tried at least three different techniques on the four figures and still not sure which looks best. But I figure for skirmish everyone’s skin is going to look different so I may as well experiment!

I’ve got a few more figures to make up 2 squads, an HMG team and some officers, and also some Fallshirmjaeger to do when I can face the camo! Figures are Bolt Action. The Tiger in the background by Corgi!

It was a pleasant surprise painting 28s. Easier in some ways – easier on the eyes anyway! Looking forward to painting more…



3 thoughts on “Yet another slight diversion!”

  1. Good going for 28mm at the first attempt. Faces are always a pain, I've got a friend who'll only paint fully armoured Knights because of face-o-phobia. For what it's worth I think yours look perfectly acceptable. The uniforms in particular look good.

    Kind Regards


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