So what do I have planned…

So what do I have planned? Well…

  • 15mm Punic War – I’ve been tempted by Field Of Glory and have dug out my Punic War armies and have been finishing off the painting of my second legion, bought some Corvus Belli Spaniards and Numidians and will be delving in to my ancients lead pile to see what else I have. Assorted pics will follow as well as game reports when I actually get round to it.
  • Nostalgia – I’m currently sorting through boxes in the attic and hope to uncover my old 25mm Medievals. A mix of Lamming and Hinchcliff with the very dubious painting of a 14-15 year old! I should also find the pictures I took at the Wargames Holiday Center back in c.1979? I think it was the first year Peter Gilder ran them but the memory fades. It’ll be interesting to see that
  • Scenery – I have a veritable forest of Bachmann trees to be based in similar style to the post below.
  • AWI – I have the minifigs I need for the Guards. I tried my normal black undercoat with Vallejo but it seems to not take very well so I’ve tried the the spray approach and that seems to take better. I’ll also be sorting through the AWI lead pile, deciding what I need and don’t need and then selling on the spares. So expect see a few Polly Oliver figures available soon(ish).

That’s the plan anyway.