15mm Republican Romans (Punic War)

When I first got back into wargaming back in 1993 after two years travelling DBM had just taken off and I’d always had an interest in the Punic Wars so it seemed the best choice. I played a few DBM tournaments but the silly competitiveness of some players drove me away. I had just started painting my second legion when I stopped gaming again so my return to the era starts with getting them finished. The Hastati were already done as were some of the Principes so I ended up finishing the latter and doing the Velites. the Triarii are on thw workbench as we speak. I’ve tried to match the painting style I used back then, at least for this unit as they really need to all fit in.

So here’s a few pictures…

I’m also changing my basing style. You’ll see the old style at some point but I’ve just discovered MDF bases and starting with the Romans I’m going to re-base the lot!

More Punic stuff to follow when I get the chance to take the pictures!

4 thoughts on “15mm Republican Romans (Punic War)”

  1. Thanks, Peeler. Hadn't spotted your comment as I obviously have the notifications set differently on this one!

  2. The new basing looks nice. Ill be rebasing all my ancients soon too, For impetus. I bought and tried to read fog but it put me to sleep every time i read it!

    Maybe its just me, how do you find it?


  3. We played one game last week and despite a few misreadings of the rules we were quite happy with it. I've seen Impetus as well and am tempted but can't face the rebase again. may just use it with trays. but for the time being FoG is seeming OK.

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