Bucasso, 6mm Grande Armee Rules: 14th November 2009

The Tyneside Wargames Club meeting on 14th November saw one of my rare all day visits to the club. I’d arranged to take part in a first full game using Grande Armee rules organised by Stephen who took the British with me, and facing Stu, Michael and Dave with French hordes! The chosen battle was Bucasso, 27th November 1810.

A British Army of seven divisions under command of Wellington were facing an assault by three corps under Reynier, Ney and Junot. Historical deployment was used with the British deployed along the ridge and two French Columns approaching:

The British had a minimum of four turns to hold out, but with the variable turn lengths and the sheer number of French approaching it would be a hard fight. Seizing the initiative the British advanced brigades to occupy the two villages to their front in an attempt to slow down the advance:

As the French columns approached they began to deploy to engage the advanced British brigades:

As the British were driven from the village to their left the first French columns began the steep climb to the ridge:

As the British right began to redeploy to face the coming threat the left began a vigorous counterattack to drive back the French from the village:

But the attack fails and the British are driven from the right flank village and begin their own counterattack:

After a valiant defence on the left Ney’s Corps was broken and Junot’s Corps moved forward to renew the attack before the British could reorganise their defence:

As Reynier finally engaged the British threw forward all they could to try and hold the line:

Around this time Wellington was wounded, with command moving to Hill on the far right, but soon he too was wounded and command fell to Picton. This change of command made it difficult for the British to coordinate their defence. The battle for the ridge on the left became a fragmented struggle as the British threw back most of the French but their lines were pierced and they had little to combat this:

Finally, the brigades from the right moved across in support, driving back the French cavalry and threatening the flank of Reynier’s now scattered corps:

At this point the current turn ended and time ran out. The French were close to breaking, but the British not far behind. They could claim a victory as they still help the ridge and had destroyed a French corps and mauled two others, but at heavy cost to themselves.

It was a great game and the rules worked really well. They give a good feel and a good flow to the game. We had one or two minor issues with the scenario, in that a couple of the French units were 11SPs and this came as a big surprise to the battered British brigade who engaged them in the rough ground!

The plan is to run a campaign in the New Year, probably set in 1815, so I will be painting up some Prussians, Bulow’s IV Corps to be precise. But until then I’ve a few 6mm Early Byzantines to finish and some odds and ends to add to my 15mm Punic Armies.

Next post will be a return to the 18th Century but not as you’d expect!

7 thoughts on “Bucasso, 6mm Grande Armee Rules: 14th November 2009”

  1. Mmm.. that´s your revenge? Tempting me with 6mm naps? Well done… 😉

    I´m looking for Fast Play Grande Armee rules… Do you have them?

  2. Well Pendraken will be at a local show next Saturday so I could pick up a pack, paint them, and then that qualifies as 'started'. Then it's back to you for the Naps! 😉

  3. Well, after I've done the 1815 Prussians I'll be doing 1806 so you could do the French!

    In 10mm I'd probably quite fancy a Hun army. Lots of LH on many stands and quick progress!


  4. I'm between a French, Spanish or English army… even an Austrian one.

    I should focus on peninsula period.

    About the huns, I recommend you 15mm bases. It looks better 😉

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