A blast from the past! Part 2

The latest search through the attic space turned up a stack of old Wargames Illustrated (from issue 1 to…well lots of them!). I thought I’d got rid of these years ago. So some nice reading ahead. But what I also found were some of the photos I took from my visit to the Wargames Holiday Center in…well it had to be ’79 or ’80 as I’d been working in my school holidays to get the cash and I’m sure it was an article in Battle/Military Modelling that advertised it.

Now for some reason I took a black and white film! No idea why 🙂 Maybe the concept of eyecandy hadn’t sunk in then! Now I know I also have a box of slides (colour this time!) from the same trip. The B/W record a large Late Roman/Sassanid game. I remember we had a playtest version of WRG 5th Edition. Can’t remember anything about the game or even what order the photos should be in. So here are a few picks:

And the rest if you’re interested:

I can’t remember who else was on that holiday. I remember Peter Gilder picking me and another up at York station, I remember the collection of war related videos available to view and I’m pretty sure the other game we played was a Napoleonic (and I’m hoping this is what the slides show) as I bought a copy of Peter’s In the Grand Manner, which I still have. At the time I had a 25mm Russian Napoleonic army and bought several units of Peter’s own designed figures which I never got round to painting (some things never change!).

Peter was an excellent host. The food was good and the gaming was excellent and played in the best manner possible. It was probably the most concentrated period of wargaming I’ve ever done (excluding ASL tournaments) and I would love to do similar again but with two kids now I can’t see that happening for a good few years! Hopefully the slide will turn up soon and I can shed some colour on the event!

6 thoughts on “A blast from the past! Part 2”

  1. Excellent report Andy,
    I'm a little young to remember Peter Gilder and his superb work in 25mm Napoleonics but a couple of the wargamres I now know went down to the WHC from Scotland and talk about it. Very inspiring.
    You are lucky to have had this experience.
    Best regards
    Paul P

  2. Hi Andy,

    I didn't realise that wargame holidays existed!

    I think it must have been 1975 0r 76 when I last dabbled with wargaming – persuaded my cousin to paint up some Airfix french as Russians for borodino. I think the BBC's War & Peace costume drama was on then.

    Actually, I've been meaning to take a trip over to the Newcastle club for a while now…



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