A blast from the past!

Many moons ago when I first started wargaming (late 70’s) I began with 25mm Russian Napoleonics. As I started to attend Shrewsbury Wargames Club I obviously got interested in other periods. One that had a good run at the club was Medieval. At that time I wasn’t too up on the whole historical accuracy and medieval was medieval – 11th Century or 15th Century! 🙂

A few people at the club used God’s Acre rules but for a while we ran a little campaign using the Lamming Medieval rules and their campaign rules. This, from what I recall, had each player landing on an island and then randomly generating terrain until you met the other players who were doing the same. Units were usually ten strong with a sergeant and basically you did your own thing regarding troop types. So I put together a few figures, painted very badly and with even more dubious heraldry! As it was basically 1:1 scale each ‘knight’ had a mounted and dismounted version.

So what’s this about then. Well, at the weekend I bravely entered the small attic space above the bathroom where the boxes have never been touched for 10 years or more and came from the clearout of my parents house. And in one box there were all my medieval figures.

They’re a mix of Lamming, Hinchcliffe and a few Minifigs. The painting is bloody awful! And those that look OK have a nice shiny gloss varnish. So I thought I’d post a couple of quick pictures as I intend to dispose of these as there is no way I’ll return to the period and I thought the Lamming figures may be of interest to someone.

In the same box was a small tub with what I think are mostly Garrison figures. There’s a decent elephant and few odds and ends (single figures) of Carthaginian types. I have vague memories of having bought an army off someone and only ever painting one unit of scutarii! Some things never change!

The other elephant is a Hinchcliffe one I think.

It was nice to find them and think back to simpler days (and simpler paint jobs!). The Shrewsbury Club is still very active and I often bump in to some of them at shows throughout the year when I venture south!

I’m still searching for my Wargames Holiday Center pictures but the number of possible places is rapidly diminishing!

2 thoughts on “A blast from the past!”

  1. I had loads of those Lamming medievals (seperate weapons IIRC?)
    we used to play massive, all night skirmish games with them, which invariably continued until one side was toally slaughtered. Happy days.

  2. AYe, none of your modern morale rules rubbish. The troops did as they were told and/or died trying! As you say, happy days! 🙂


    PS. Well my troops still do the dying trying part!

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