Some new deliveries…

This week has been a good week for stuff arriving despite the threat of post strikes. Having taken the plunge and decided on some Baccus Prussians I put an order through to Peter. I’d suggested an alternative shipping method given the strikes but he preferred to stick with Royal Mail. He nicely rushed the order through on Monday so I was optimistic it would arrive before the threatened strikes on Friday. As Thursday passed with no arrival I was relieved when the strike was called off and they arrived at work today. I went for the 1815 Army pack with a few extras for Landwehr and Reserve units. Plenty to keep me going anyway. And hopefully I’ll be at the Club on the 14th for a game of Grande Armee so will then be making plans on what Corps I need to do for the proposed 1815 Campaign.

I can also report excellent service yet again from Tony at East Riding Miniatures. Having established that the Club use 60x60mm bases for Grande Armee rather than the default 3″ I put an order in Wednesday midday and they arrived at my work before I did on Thursday morning!

And finally, another package arrived today. At the Border Riever Show in September I picked up some odds and ends of flock and grass tufts from Mutineer Miniatures and also looked at the river sections they produce. I’ve wanted some decent river sections for a while but have never really had the time to do them myself. After speaking to Brian he had suggested he could also produce them to match the colours I use for my bases etc. After exchanging a good few emails he finally managed to get the paints I used and produced a sample piece and emailed me pics:

Although he normally does the ‘water’ a brown colour I wanted something a little brighter and argued that as most of my games will take place in the virgin North American wilderness then the water will be pure and clear! So the piece itself arrived today (along with a road sample) and I’m quite happy with hit and so have requested enough to do the length of my 6’x4′ table. Brian has been great about this and I can recommend Mutineer. I’m hoping I can pick them all up at Smoggycon in Middlesbrough on the 28th.

And finally, I’m off work on Monday so Ian from the Club is coming round and we intend on rolling out all my Punic War 15mm stuff for a big game of Field of Glory. Camera will be in use so hopefully I’ll have a write up sometime next week.

‘Til then…