REVIEW – Field of Glory Markers

Over on the Field of Glory Forums Allan (AJ) Wright has been developing his ideas for FoG markers using a laser engraver and coloured acrylic. They are available for sale here and the development can be seen on his blog and the FoG forums thread here. Allan was kind enough to send me a set for evaluation and they arrived last week. It’s taken me until now to get the time, space and camera sorted so I could write a review!

They come neatly packaged in individual bags within one large sealed bag.

And you get:

  • eight (8) green DISRUPTED markers
  • six (6) yellow FRAGMENTED markers
  • six (6) red BROKEN markers
  • six (6) green DISORDERED markers
  • four (4) yellow SEVERE DISORDER markers

All markers are made from 1/8″ thick acrylic with engraved and colour-filled lettering. The cutting is neat and crisp, as is the lettering and they have a nice feel to them. When laid on the table they look very professional. And the colour coding for severity is helpful as well.

I will have to bow to more experienced FoG players than myself as to whether the numbers and proportions are correct but I assume it would depend on size of game – personally I’d probably need more of the red ones!

At $17.99 plus $5.25 shipping I think they’re good value and I intend to order another set for me and also one for my opponent.

For my AWI games I’ve gone for more scenic markers but these are spot on for FoG and I highly recommend them.

4 thoughts on “REVIEW – Field of Glory Markers”

  1. FYI, we've been testing these in our games and we've come up with a system. The turn you fail a cohesion check you place the marker near the unit face down. In the joint action phase instead of bolstering the unit, you flip the marker face up, indicating that next JAP you can bolster the unit. Seems to work for us.

    So far with a double-set of markers we have had plenty to use for both sides of our larger FOG games. My intention with the packaging was to provide ample markers for one player for standard 800 point tournament armies. Of course I'm happy to sell multiple sets to players wishing to provide markers for both sides.

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