Contemptible Little Wargames Club – North Shields

Following various discussions on the Cold War Commander forums I discovered a little coven of CWC players based at the Contemptible Little Wargames Club in North Shields, a mere 10 minute drive from home. With much negotiation I managed to secure a pass for a couple of hours if I could fit the timings in around doing the shopping! With that motivation I managed to pop down and found them at St. Peter’s Church Hall in North Shields.

I knew they had a couple of CWC games planned so I just wanted to meet the chaps and see what they were playing. The venue is excellent, a nice size hall with a walk in storage area at one end. There were three games in the process of being set up, two CWC (1/300) and a 28mm ACW game. The latter looked particularly nice and the photos don’t do it justice.

The main reason for the visit though was the two CWC games. These were still being set up, with one a River Crossing scenario and the other an… damn, can’t remember! Incursion maybe? The river crossing looked good with a large river and some nice buildings. With West Germans on the defence from a Soviet onslaught.

I particularly like this building unit and would love to get hold of one!

At the start things were looking a little rough for the Russians as they blundered an artillery strike and then lost two tanks to sterling shooting from the German armour. It looked to be developing into a good game and hopefully Stu can write it up – even without photos.

On the other table the attacking British were not looking forward to having to root the East German conscripts out of the woods.

I’d have loved to stay longer and see the conclusions but shopping and kids beckoned so I left them to it.

The greeting was friendly from all concerned at the club and if you are based in the area I can recommend it for a Sunday. I hope to get down again soon for a proper game, but given I haven’t managed a game at my regular club yet this year I’ve no idea when that might be! Soon, I hope…

Now back to basing and sorting my Soviets and then a little painting. Yes, painting. I really must make the effort soon and try and get SOMETHING done!

(Apologies for the photos – I only had my phone with me and the camera is poor!)

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  1. Looks like you had a fun game, I've traded my 10mm russians for 28mm romans, but still enjoy coming to visit your blog

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