Cold War Commander – Update 1: Leopard 1A5

Having produced a workable Soviet force (although I still plan to expand this) I’ve decided it’s time to move on to some opposition for them. I have a nice little US battlegroup that I want to add infantry and a few odds and ends to but prior to that (and the rebasing needed) I’ve decided to look at my other NATO troops, namely the Belgians and West Germans…

The West Germans came as part of the large figure batch I bought and are painted in what appears to be a fantasy camo scheme! I know I can, and likely will paint them in a plain green but I thought I’d paint one of the Leopard 1A5s up in NATO three colour camouflage just to see how I get in. It was a quick job and based up to show off better but here it is:


The black/greyblack has washed out a little on the top with the drybrushing and the German cross is a little wonky but it’s not too bad. No idea what make the model is but I have a good few of them in what remains in the box:

As well as a pretty hefty air contingent! I’m not really planning on doing a full West German army but I don’t see why you can’t have mixed forces thrown together to combat the Red Menace!

Maybe I’ll do a few units in camo and few in green and call it the transition period.