ID these please?

Well, although I’ve started my Belgians I’m still putting together some reference material about the vehicles and organisation. I know there will be a lot online but some pointers to get me going would be a help.

The large Belgian force I bought recently (on top of the large one I already had!) has a number of things I don’t recognise off hand. The leopards etc. are no problem but some of these I just don’t know. And there are at least a dozen of each in the force. So….what are this lot, please?

Belgian 1
Belgian 2
Belgian 3
Belgian 4

I’ve got a few ideas on some but this lot are a different make to what I have and there are some differences that I’m not sure are make or actual type.

Oh…and just to make sure I don’t run out of troops I picked up a small British battlegroup off eBay. Twelve Challenger 1s, 20 Warriors (which puts me late 80s) and an assortment of odds and ends that again I’m not sure what and where they fit in.

Brit 1
Brit 2
Brit 3

Any help identifying the above lot would be much appreciated. Especially the manufacturer as well in case I need to add to the force. On which note… when did the British change helmets?

Thanks in advance. Andy

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  1. Photo Belgian 2: (Left rear forward, then right rear forward) M577 Command. British FV102 Striker ATGW(Swingfire). Scorpian or Scimitar cant tell from the photo. AMX-VCI APC. M113.

    Photo Belgian 3: (Left rear forward then right rear forward) M106, which is an M113 with 120mm mortar, could be a M125 with 81mm mortar but I don't believe so. M113 with TOW. Canadian Lynx Recon vehicle. Not sure on the last vehicle.

    Photo Belgian 4: British Rapier

  2. Cheers for that. I'm gradually putting together the Belgian info and it looks like I have a few that I can use with the Brits I bought as well. Still need to ID some of those though

  3. If you haven't got all these id'ed yet here goes:

    Belgian 4 is actually a Brit Rapier AA system (towed version) (mid 80's deployed at corp level, BAOR artillery division)

    Brit ! clockwise from top left,

    Appears to be a FV432, not sure if that thing on top is the version with the generator on, if it is, it's the communications version i think. (if this, then mid 80's signal regiments)

    FV438, swingfire ATGM model. (mid 80's 9 of these per armoured regiment, the striker version was used in the corp recce regiments)

    SULTAN, command version of the scimitar family. Used where armoured command vehicle was needed. I know some artillery HQ's had them, but as to other distribution unsure.

    pic not clear enough to tell what bottom right is. If it's 6 wheeled it might be a Stalwart.

    FV432 with 81mm mortar. (mid eighties, 8 per mech inf battalion)

    Brit 2

    Top left to top right

    Two versions of the FV432, can't tell which version from image, but top right appears to be another shot of pic one in brit 1.

    bottom right, mortar version of the FV432, again, it's going to be 81mm

    FV180 CET *combat engineer tractor)

    based on model quality from the pictures, they appear to be a mix of shytrex and H&R. rule of thumb, crisper castings are H&R.

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