15mm Gauls for FoG and DBMM

Finally finished off the Gauls I’ve been basing up. First unit was done a few weeks ago and detailed here as I decided how I was going to base them. I still needed a few more figures to get the 24 stands of 4 rather than of the original 3 planned. And as you can see I went for 40×40 for most with 2 4x20mm in each unit. If I need more singles I’ll just use markers!

As before, the majority are painted by Conflict in Colour with about 20 done by me (inc. casualties) to make up the numbers. So here we have the three battle groups:

And each of the groups in turn:


And some detail shots:


It’s taken a wee while to get these together but they will give a good core to my Carthaginians and enable me to use my Spanish and Celtiberians as either allies or opponents. I have some Gallic cavalry but still need some skirmish types.

Next up is likely to be my 28mm RSM figures interwoven with a bit of re-basing.

Roll on Sunday! York! 🙂

7 thoughts on “15mm Gauls for FoG and DBMM”

  1. Hi

    Very nice looking Celtic types and great basing as well. Tough to use in both Fog & Dbmm though !


  2. Re DBMM and FoG, as I'm only really likely so use them against my own armies and either solo or against 1 or 2 people at my club I figure we can work round any 'issues' 🙂

    I've done 2 singles per unit and I have enough spare figures to do another 2 so it should be workable. I'm less concerned about the base depth though as in FoG and Impetus it's not really an issue and in DBMM it can be worked around if needed.

    Anyway, they look nice which is my main criteria!

    Cheers for the comments

  3. The shields are colourful aren't they? 🙂 When I first got them I wasn't too sure on the range of colours but en masse they look fine

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