ein wilder Schwan

For the upcoming WD3 Imagi-Nation game I am painting up my ‘Savage Swans’ (see earlier posts). Although I’ve got twelve figures ready to go I had a chance to escape the kids for an hour this afternoon and decided to just finish one figure to see if I was happy with the look. The figure is an RSM Austrian Musketeer:

Overall I’m quite happy with it. Main revelation for me was that I’ve decided I just cannot paint eyes! Although I managed them on some WW2 28mm I did a while back, the casting is much more prominent on Black Tree Design, the RSM being more in proportion. I tried. But my eyes just can’t cope with their eyes!

I’ve gone with green for the turnbacks, smalls and trousers. I MAY vary each company for one of those but I’m not sure yet. All paints are Vallejo, bar the main green. This is an old Ral Partha green from their AD&D range. I have about a third of a pot left. It is my favourite green! I haven’t found one to match it yet and I’m just hoping there’s enough to do all the Swans!

Anyway, a start has been made!

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  1. Have you tried Gel Pens? I know a guy who does all the buttons with the Gold ones. You have to use the better quality ones though. You are making me want to get the paints out again!!! Triples in May so I may just get some more stuff then.

  2. Your choice of colors looks very good.

    I'm afraid giving each company a different facing color would lead to a…, well 'audacious' result?

    A suggestion if I may: since Die alten Schwaene are part of the army of Altefritzenburg, why not add 'Altefritzenburg' as a 'label' to all posts dealing with them -or any other unit of your Imagi-Nation? I would greatly help searching your blog, when the army of the Burgraviate reach its full strength.

  3. Will adjust the labels. Have replied to your comments on TMP as well, but I'm not planning on a different facing colour per company, just maybe turnbacks or trousers different (or in light if your comments, gaiters!)



  4. With each company having trousers of its own color (I think that by that time the color of the turnbacks was as a rule the 'facing' one, since turnbacks, cuffs, lapels… initially showed the lining material), the 'Swans' will look like a 'converged' unit of companies from different regiments. Perfectly credible if they are depicted just gathered back from the Colonies, where they were scattered in diverse garrisons. But if in 'brand new uniforms'… I doubt any Colonel would like his regiment to look so 'irregular' / multicolored -unless each company clings stubbornly to its own tradition, or the Colonel sees it as a disinformation trick to bewilder enemy scouts / spies.

    Btw, regarding gaiters, some contemporary pictures show *stripped* gaiters of ticking canvas, as was later used for trousers during the AWI and French Revolution…. 🙂

  5. A lovely job – the green and cream complement each other nicely…

    Don't worry about eyes I always think they look weird on miniatures – and even worse on horses… you'd not be able to see eyes at that scale so leave them off say I.. :o))

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