Eine Schar von Schwänen – 1

Ok, I’ve got a lot to paint so I’m going to try and do regular updates here as I crack on with the Savage Swans! I still have three musketeers and an NCO I need for the main unit but these are en route from the States. So here is the main batch all primed and ready to go:

Forty figures including 12 Grenadiers. I have the 12 grenzers primed as well but I’m not sure yet on the colours for these so priority has got to be the main unit.

As I do them I shall try and note what I’ve done at each stage and what colours were used. I just hope my Ral Partha green lasts!

And I must apologise to the two or three people who’s comments hadn’t been published. They had been categorised as SPAM and I’d only just noticed!