Die Erste Kompanie, Die wilder Schwäne

Ok, It’s taken me longer to finish the first part of the unit than planned and does make getting the rest of them done in the next four weeks rather tight! However, here is the first of four Kompanies of the Savage Swans:

I’ve still got two more companies of 12 of musketeers, 12 grenadiers ,12 grenzers and 6 dragoons. And, if they arrive in time, a 3lb gun and crew and something suitable from the Colonies 🙂

8 thoughts on “Die Erste Kompanie, Die wilder Schwäne”

  1. What everyone says plus a question. I like the combination of flesh colours you have used, quite striking. What are they?

  2. Nice painting, are they minden figures? also interested in the flesh (aways interested in flesh, brrrrahhhaaaaaaa 🙂

  3. Flesh is a base coat of Vallejo Flat Flesh, a heavey'ish wash of Games Workshop Ogryn Flesh (like the GW washes..) and then paint the hightlights with the Flat Flesh again.

    Paul, no not Minden, RSM (http://www.dpcltdcom.org/). They are pretty close in size to Minden and in same army look fine. I really like them, the guy who supplies them is very helpful, and they paint up nice.

    I do have one Minden mounted officer for the 'main guy' still to paint and it is a lovely figure.

    subedai, you posted a comment recently re Vallejo clogging up? It got flagged as spam and when I eventually OK'd it I forgot to see which post it was on! Can you re-comment please? 🙂

  4. I think I said that you can ake the tops off an clean them out or, as I do, use an old darning needle pushed down the spout, as it were. I must be lucky, I've not had too many Vallejo paints clog up on me.

  5. Thanks for the tip on the Flesh Andy, I have some 28mm figs I will do soon and have been thinking of a simpler method to save time as I 3 shade over black at the moment.

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