Eine Schar von Schwänen – 3 Jackets

I decided to take the day off work today to try and have a bit of a blitz. As ever with these things, the ‘blitz’ also involved getting three loads of the kids clothes washed, hung out and dried! So, I made reasonable progress but not as much as I’ve have liked.

The jackets are probably the largest areas to paint:

  • base coat: Vallejo Model Color Khaki Grey
  • main coat: Vallejo Model Color Buff
  • higlight: Vallejo Pale Sand

I decide to do the drummers in the standard coats rather than reverse colours. Partly because it’s a fantasy unit so I can do what I want, but mostly because I painted them before I realised! 🙂


Next up is the small clothes. I’m hoping these will go quite quickly. It’s going to be all the little bits that take the time though!

Also, I can’t decide whether to do a closeup show of a single figure during the rest of the stages?

More soon…

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