October Update

A week in to October. Can’t believe how quickly the year has flown. Only SMOGGYCON left for me this year… not that I’m short of things to do!


However, last weekend saw my annual pilgrimage to Birmingham on the Friday night (beer and meal with friends) then over to Derby on Saturday for the first day of the Worlds. This is one of my favourite shows of the year. Nice airy venue, plenty of light and a good selection of traders. This year my phone had died so I had no camera so this little report will be truncated. There are some excellent pics here courtesy of the Pendraken crew.

This year was far more of a social trip. I had arranged to meet up with Andy H (from Newcastle but we never seem to meet up here!), Mick (Subedai on WD3), Ian Burt (Essex Boy), Stephen Davison  and Ian Willey (Custardpie on Gamesquad). So I spent a lot of time talking and ended up rushing around to get what I wanted! Most of the stuff I had pre-ordered so only had to get to the stall – more on purchases later.

The Bring and Buy was a little disappointing. Nothing grabbed my (fortunately) and the only microarmour I saw was painted in rather luminous colours! It did at least mean I didn’t spend anything there which has to be a good thing!

There were some excellent demo games and the 6mm Trebbia and Towton games looked excellent. There were other 6mm games as well so it was good to see the little men getting a bigger presence. There were a number of games etc. off in other rooms/buildings. I’m sure this was in the brochure but I rarely read that and so missed out on a few good looking games.

And it was hot. Lots of glass and light combined with the hottest October on record are not a good combination. Some complained of the odour but I must have been lucky and not smelt anything – unless it WAS me! 🙂

Overall, a fun show.


I had pre-ordered pretty well everything I wanted to make sure and this amounted to:

And that was it! With the GHQ it wasn’t cheap but it will keep me going.


The Skytrex and the GHQ are for my Syrian project. As the Israelis I have are all GHQ I had compare them with some of the H&R stuff I have and they are noticeably bigger so I had decided that my Syrians would all be GHQ/CinC to make them all match. Now, GHQ are not cheap and like all Soviet based armies you really need a good number of tanks so I was expecting this to be costly. However, Ian at work bought in his Skytrex T54s and T55s and I compared them with the GHQ T55 and the CinC T54s I have.

And there is very little difference in size. The Skytrex are on top. Now the GHQ bottom left is a really nice model but for the number I need it is not enough to justify the expense. And given the sizes are pretty spot on an the Skytrex quite nice anyway, I have decided to bulk out the force with the cheaper option.

I’ll be laying out the whole proposed force in a few days and seeing what I may still need.

Now, I’ve got a few batches of things on the go at the moment but things on my desk were starting to get a little out of hand and I was losing track of what was what! So it was time for a tidy up. Here are the before and after shots…

And these are the current batches waiting to be finished.

Top left are the few M60s I finished off for my IDF, next are some Adler AFVs and a couple of bunkers for my FUBAR project. Right hand side are the last batch I finished and I’m considering some sabots for the infantry to allow use with other rules. Center front are more of the buggies and the rest of the Sikkara infantry. Left bottom are the rest of the GZG stuff I have. These are earmarked for additional VonDon Corp. forces at some point. I do need some Adler IFVs for the infantry at some point and I have some DRM (in with the GZG) for the SovCorp forces.

All my RSM 28mm stuff has now arrived for my ImagiNation forces. Just need to plan them out and start them…

And I need to so the September Wargaming Neutral update which is not going to look good! Before Christmas I think I can get the credits for painting sorted but the cash side is going to be hard. I do have a pile of Brigade 6mm Chinese SF which I am tempted to paint and base and sell. Just finding the time…

There we go. Hopefully more pics soon as the FUBAR progresses and the Syrians start.

5 thoughts on “October Update”

  1. Thanks for the entertaining post! – nice to know you are still out there somewhere!
    I wonder how long the tidyness painting table will last….:-D

  2. Good to meet you at the show, and again and again LOL

    I guess you are not listing all the figures waiting to be painted from pre a cut off date then as all the ones we talked about are not listed LOL


  3. Andy, thatainting desk set-up with the 2 computer screens makes you look like a Wall Street trader!

    Best wishes


  4. 2?2?! There's 4 there! Other screens just have 'dark' stuff in them 🙂

    I'm working on a plan to add a 32" widescreen above for watching films when I'm 'working' 🙂

    Congrats on the house thing. Hope the move goes well


  5. Makes note that Andy left out the bit where he and a few others tried to stage a coo de tat (spelling intentional, northern bloke) on the cafe. Just what did you think the queue was for? 🙂

    And yeah, your sense of smell must have been shot at Derby. Wish some people would buy two figures less and use it to invest in deoderant.

    Good show though, glad you mentioned it back at Reiver else might not have thought of going.

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