Welcome to the new blog!

I am really hoping this is now working! I have had a complete battle getting the RSS feeds working so that anyone subscribed or following the old blog will actually see new posts on this blog. I think this is now working as I’ve looked at a couple of blogs I know follow the blog and the various test posts were at the top of the lists! So hopefully, if you are reading this you will have seen it in your ‘Blogs I Follow’ type widget.

So what is happening? Well you can read a little about the decisions leading to the move on the front page and the About page. But what I hope you’ll see over the coming weeks are:

  • more frequent posts about the hobby and what I’m doing
  • reviews of magazines (Miniature Wargames, Battlegames, Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy, Slingshot)
  • galleries showing my armies and projects
  • my ImagiNation – lots to come on this as I prepare for the 2012 Ayton game
  • game reports – IF I actually manage any!
  • show reports – hopefully starting with York this Sunday

So please comment on anything as feedback is much appreciate. And hopefully I’ll add a feedback/contact page soon!


4 thoughts on “Welcome to the new blog!”

  1. The page looks nice and the menu bar is an effective way of organizing your diverse material, I think that is a good idea and one that works really well. It took me a few moments of actual thought to realize that I had to navigate to the blog pages to leave a comment to your welcome message…


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