ImagiNation Update – Ayton 2011 Game Report

OK, so Ayton 2012 is only a couple of months away! However, I had hoped some of the content I’ve just published was going to appear in Battlegames magazine, but things did not work out so I’ve finally pulled together MY account of the weekend, as told by one of the participants, Private Rüdiger Lamm of von Donovan’s Legion, the Savage Swans! I’d also added the bulk of the photos I took over the weekend to two galleries. I’ve not been able to annotate them but if you’ve read the reports on here, WD3 and in Battlegames magazine they should provide some visual eye candy to accompany the texts.

As Henry points out in the introduction to Part 3 of the write-up in issue 28 of Battlegames, this weekend was about ‘the game’. The terrain may not have been display game quality. Some figure were on unpainted MDF bases. Everyone brought their own figures painted and based their own way. A lot of the figures were stunning. But it was the people and the game that made the weekend the success it was. I am really looking forward to this year’s game.

So, what do we have?

Altefritzenburg – I’ve added a little more backround and maps etc. are to follow soon.

Journal of Private Rüdiger Lamm – this I intend to continue as I chronicle events after the victory and prior to the next game. And introduce some new forces to the mix!

Ayton 2011 – a little background to the game lots of pics from both days. Day One and Day Two.

Hope you enjoy them all



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  1. Hi from Blogger!!

    It seems that Google have been rolling out country redirects across Blogger which has messed up the GFC. There are workarounds to restore it, but they aren’t very easy to find.

    Great write-ups of the Ayton game 🙂


  2. I must take exception to the foul slur that my troops changed sides. We did no such thing, Seeing that the cause was lost and that we were unlikely to get the balance of our pay we negotiated to provide your troops with transport home as you had lost your ships and we had an unexpected surplus.

    Even as I write one of these ships is operating as a privateer harrasing Grennoisian shipping and paying me one third of all prizes taken.

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