Ayton 2012

NB This is a retrospectively added post to allow me to have a menu entry for the 2012 Ayton Game!

Taking place over the 4th-6th May 2012, it was a truly excellent weekend (again!). Superb terrain, figures and company. As Tim Hall has said, the embodiment of the ‘Spirit of Wargaming’. With a 24ftx6ft table and around 3000 28mm figures deployed it was a sight to behold! Thanks must go to Henry Hyde for organising the campaign amidst a busy schedule, Tim Hall for some superb terrain, Peeler (and Mrs Peeler) for organising hall and food and for most of us, death dealing hangovers! And a big thanks to all who took part and put in such great effort to assemble some bizarre and beautiful forces!

You can see a good selection of write-ups and photo collections over on the old WD3 forum.  I’ve added a gallery here and will add more as I sort what photos I have. And the Journal of Rudiger Lamm has new entries for the day along with some of the events that followed.