It’s Been Over a Month!

I can’t believe it’s been over a month since my last post. As those who frequent the WD3 forum will know, I, along with a dozen others, have been frantically painting for this years WD3 Game in East Ayton, wherein the assorted forces launched an invasion to bring a civilising influence to the land of Byzarbia! This is a continuation of last years game where having defeated Granprix the assorted countries, allies and mercenaries involved headed to Byzarbia: some to defend, some to conquer!

Taking place over the 4th-6th May 2012, it was a truly excellent weekend (again!). Superb terrain, figures and company. As Tim Hall has said, the embodiment of the ‘Spirit of Wargaming’. With a 24ftx6ft table and around 3000 28mm figures deployed it was a sight to behold! Thanks must go to Henry Hyde for organising the campaign amidst a busy schedule, Tim Hall for some superb terrain, Peeler (and Mrs Peeler) for organising hall and food and for most of us, death dealing hangovers! And a big thanks to all who took part and put in such great effort to assemble some bizarre and beautiful forces!

You can see a good selection of write-ups and photo collections over on WD3. I’ve added a gallery here and will add more as I sort what photos I have. And the Journal of Rudiger Lamm has new entries for the day. There will soon be entries to cover the intervening months leading up to Byzarbia and how the forces of Altefritzenburg came to be allied to those of the Pasha Sultan Abdul Seyfi. And I shall try and get dcent photos of all my troops. You can see to the right the all the boxes related to Ayton are now RED! It was a mad rush to get them don. Numerous late nights and up until 3am the night before, then back painting at 7am! I finally stuck the final banner to figure ten minutes before my lift arrived! Placed it in the box to then find it was too tall for the lid to go on!!!

I have plans for another full battalion of Altefritzenburgers and some cuirrassiers. And some more Royal Guard. Then that’s it! Honest…

Plans are already in motion for next year where we move to the ACW and bring the usual Wd3 imagination and weirdness! It’s ACW Jim, but not as we know it!

More updates to follow as I resume the blog. All the latest mags have arrived and I’d like to review them and explain why I’ll likely not be renewing my Miniature Wargames subscription. And hopefully I’ll be returning to the word of 6mm which now looks soooo SMALL after months of 28mm!


5 thoughts on “It’s Been Over a Month!”

  1. Nice work on the journal of private Lamm, he puts a very confused two days battle into context!

  2. Shame about the lack of elephants given the interest in them last year.

    You won one of the books by the way, can you send me your address and I will get it out to you, unless your at Triples (I know your not LOL) or Partisan in which case I may be able to hand it over.


  3. Finally got on via my own Blog, I do not like this new Chrome system, it has thoroughly confused me!!
    “death dealing hangovers” … now that made me chuckle! A good weekend, and already looking forward to the next one.

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