Mojo Rising! – FUBAR FUBAR!

Well, after the last post bemoaning lack of time, enthusiasm, motivation etc. I finally managed to get a few things done. Small things (literally!) but at least it’s a start! With 28mm C19th to paint for Ayton, more C18th 28mm ImagiNation stuff, 6mm Imagi and various other new projects to start I thought it made sense to paint some 6mm SF! I’ve had some of the Angel Barracks Alien wildlife for a while and never quite got round to them. I’d also picked up the four IFVs needed for the Sikkari Colonial Forces. These are from the excellent Adler Dark Star range. Not the cheapest vehicles around but lovely big models. These are Federation Talin IFVs (FD25).

So, we return to the planet Sikkari…


With the arrival, at last, of our infantry transport, we loaded up the four squads and launched a patrol along the eastern edge of the Regis Desert. The Saturin Gully runs along the southern border of the desert. Although no VDC troops have been reported in this area, it is only a matter of time before they begin operations.

As we moved along the gulley, to either side we caught glimpses of the varied wildlife in the area.

The gully itself is narrow and large boulders wait to catch out the careless driver.

To the south we saw the first of several Grynwyrm.

It soon became apparent they were part of a Wyrm Pack hunting the timid Schrarlbeest. The pack had driven them to the edge of the gully and now approached for the kill.

The Schrarlbeest had no where to run.

While on the northern slopes a small herd of Kraten watched us pass and watched what could have been a meal for them fall to the Grynwyrm.

The patrol, from a military perspective, was uneventful. The new IFVs performed well and will provide solid transport for our troops in the inevitable coming conflict.


Now I must try and get a proper game of FUBAR going!

Next up for completion is a load of Soviet microarmour that needs basing.

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