Super Secret Santa! Ayton 2013 starts here!

Just a quick note as we are about to head off to the in-laws for excessive eating and drinking! Big thanks to my Secret Santa as I can now start work on Ayton 2013 as the first of the troops have arrived in a nice little package from Spencer Smith Miniatures! This may be just the thing to get my painting mojo resurrected!

Thanks to Ian (and Cath!) for the work in organising it and again to my Secret Santa for a great pressie!

Other pressies included the ASL Journal 10 (will I now start playing again?), a nice bottle of Talisker, some much needed posh smellies, numerous chocolates and a case of beer from Skinner’s Brewery. Hopefully more to come at the in-laws!

Kids have been good, especially Hannah who is not well (temp hit 40 last night) and is being a little star!

Hope you all have a great day!