Following on from my previous post about my new paint rack I finally found time to tidy the desk and sort things out a little. The mess that was:

All getting a little messy...
All getting a little messy…

is now:

Tidy Desk
Tidy Desk

I also had to finally swap keyboards as the old one was full of crap (literally!) and keys just wouldn’t register when pressed! I intend to dismantle it, recover the drill bit I KNOW is trapped under the keys, and then use the keys for SF terrain…

The new paint rack seems to work well. Inevitably I have more paints than space but it did make me realise I probably have way too many greens and browns! When I get a little more time I will split off the duplicates and those I’ve not used for at least a year! It now looks a little more manageable.

The Racks
The Racks

Some the paints at the bottom and back can be a little fiddly to get to but I plan to sort out the main triads I use and place them on the top. I was almost tempted to get one of small racks but to be honest I don’t think I really need it. I was also tempted by their circular brush holders but I think the jam jars will do a little longer!

The ‘in progress’ desk behind is still a complete mess as I’m still working on my 2012 review and my 2013 plan.

More soon…



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