Christmas Loot 2013

I think I did quite well this year. I knew I was guaranteed some lead under the tree as yet again I took part in The Blog With No Name’s Secret Santa. I’ve done this three time now I think? And it’s always good to give a receive some wargaming stuff! I must admit I tend to be quite specific in the guidance list I publish for my buyer. I like to give a wide range of stuff but also male sure it is stuff I want and will use! This year had a quite specific list of Spencer Smiths and Holger Eriksson models I wanted for my ImagiNation forces and as I was going to be optimistically giving the same list to my wife I had asked my buyer to email my wife with their choice to avoid duplication! Which they duly did!

So I got a nice haul of the newer WAS Spencer Smiths to bring my units up to the (new) correct strengths, both from my Secret Santa and from my wife, and I have some Holger Eriksson artillery and limbers on the way. My wife had forgotten they some from Sweden when she ordered them on the 16th! So thanks to my Secret Santa and my wife. And I hope the gift I sent my ‘target’ hit the mark as well!

I also got:

Wargames Annual 2014 – always a good little read and this year’s looks good. I especially like Stokes’ vignette article.

Watching War Films with my Dad by Al Murray – now I rather hate his Pub Landlord but this book/memoir is apparently rather good and conveys a real love of the subject matter so I’m looking forward to reading a non-Kindle book for a change!

A rather nice single malt – Ledaig

Book tokens and chocolates

So quite happy with that lot. All I need now is some time to pain stuff…

And last night we did manage to get out to see The Hobbit and to be honest I was a little underwhelmed and a little more annoyed at the padding and additions and ‘comedy’ moments. I’m still glad I saw it on the big screen but having seen the rather abrupt ending I really think there should have been only two films. I’m sure the third one will be suitably climactic but this one definitely suffers from ‘middle film of the trilogy’ syndrome…

Now, can I get time to see 47 Ronin before I go back to work? Doubtful…

So there we are, another Christmas pretty well over. I shall hopefully post some plans for 2014 in the next few days.

Try not to laugh too hard…


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