More Belgians…

A slow month but some progress in filling the gaps in my developing Belgian force. Still quite a few more bits to do but getting there… So these are the new additions:

IMAG4546GepardsIMAG4551Jagdpanzer KanoneIMAG4550M109s with HQ stand. The latter having a rough attempt at a M108 VBCL. It’s OK but was a bit rushed and the added boxes need to be more clearly defined.IMAG4548 IMAG4549And some more M75s to finish off the Reserve battalion and provide transport for engineers along with the HQ stand.IMAG4547And finally, the rear view showing the little Belgian flags they all have! 🙂IMAG4552

More to come…


1 thought on “More Belgians…”

  1. Nice to see you getting on with your teeny tanks!

    I am just looking forward to buying more thinks for my ‘to paint pile’ at Border Reiver on 5th September!

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