NQWIP – Not Quite Work In Progress…

Life has been a little hectic of late and the recent flurry of Cold War activity and a couple of games at the Whitley Bay Club has given way to a stall on all things gaming… Having spent most of today painting – three coats on the back yard gates! – I wanted to do something game related so I figured I needed a little tidy up first and review of what I have on the workbench. All WIPs but Not Quite happening! 🙂

This is the current state of the workbench:


Very little room to move and lots of bits of projects scattered everywhere and getting buried! So here is what I unearthed…

First off,  the H&R Modern Brits for which I did a DPM tester a couple of weeks ago. Base coat is on. Just need to do the camo!


I’ve got two lots of vehicles lined up for these and hopefully enough to do two units, one in FV432s (these are based and await flock) and one in Saxons (these need the bases textured and painted).


And at the back of the Saxons you can see the test paint jobs on the Chieftains…


Not long after Ayton in May I lined up the next of my RSM Altefritzenburg regiments. Completed one sample grenadier and started the first batch. Then stopped…


I need to do these and a few more bits and pieces for Ayton 2016 as we will be returning to the C18th again. There is also talk of a 20mm WSS game in March next year. I had painted up my Savage Swans for a game in Framlingham last October (which was excellent) and have the figures to make up a full brigade. So I started the WSS version of my Altefritzenburg troops. Command stand completed. Rest of unit started. If  I’m able to make the game in March I WILL finish the brigade!

IMAG4768 IMAG4770

And also following last Ayton’s C19th foray I lined up a batch of Spencer Smith FPW French Marines to crew the boat I have planned. Undercoated only…


Five weeks time sees an Aytonesque gathering in Newark for a Lion Rampant weekend in part celebration of Goat Major’s 50th. Lion Rampant is also the planned theme for Ayton 2017! Despite having all the figures I need for a force and intending to get them done for the upcoming weekend so that for once I would have nothing to paint for an Ayton, I stuck one batch together (Conquest Normans) and then stopped. I COULD blitz them for the next few weeks but I’m not sure I’ll have the time…


I also unearthed the first batch of the stalled 10mm Sudan project. This will happen. I’m still reading bits around the subject and one day soon I WILL start painting them again!


And finally, still sitting in bags are the C19th ships I bought at Border Reiver to form part of my C19th ImagiNations….


So I now have a clear workbench! Which I should have taken a picture of! The game table/surface opposite my desk is a little more crowded though! Dilemma now is what to paint first! I really think it will be the Cold War stuff again. I need to get a viable NATO force and finishing the Brits is a big part of that….

However I have a lot of stuff (family) going on at the moment so I’m really not sure when things will kick in again. Still nice to have clear decks!

I’ve also had 2-3 new ‘Likes’ for the blog on Facebook in the last couple of weeks so thought I best post something! Hopefully there will be another update soon.


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