Final Fire and Fury Markers – for now…

The game approaches! These are the last few markers before I start working on the scenery. First, a couple of Freikorps destroyed gun markers:And a couple of Friekorps casualty figures and some broken bits and pieces from the spare box that I was originally going to throw out:

This will do me now for markers. I have enough disruption and low ammo markers for the game. I ‘might’ paint the two cavalry casualties I have but they are not essential. Fences next…

Unless I get distracted with 10mm Sudan! I’ve applied a wash to the British that Slugbalancer gave me and just painted two officers to go with them. Basing… the eternal dilemma! I had thought of doing these to use with The Men Who Would Be Kings but I think that requires either single basing and sabots or using a single base with multiple figures to represent one TMWWBKs ‘figure’… or something…

Threw some unpainted into some random bases:

The 20mm deep ones are a little too shallow for two ranks. The 30x20mm (left) are maybe a little too wide with a four figure frontage. And three figures (centre) is too spaced. Using four figures to a base may work (maybe a little deeper) but possibly a little fiddly. So we come to this:

These are Fire and Fury bases and six figures sit nicely I think. But what of command? Annoyingly I have 28 rank and file figures (two poses) so would need to paint a couple more to make the bases even. Putting officers in the line still seems wrong to me. I like them separate! Maybe I’ll paint the other two and see…


3 thoughts on “Final Fire and Fury Markers – for now…”

  1. Those markers look stunning. A bit angular, but stunning. Are they intended for a grid based game?

    I must say, the idea of playing WBK’s with a base representing a figure sounds rather cool. Hmmm. Like the cut of yer jib.

    I don’t know what size bases my 10mm Sudan stuff occupy but I’m definitely not going to attempt levering the figures off.

  2. Love the markers even though ACW has never been my thing….but aren’t you supposed to be basing everything to Iains new ‘Oval’ standard?

  3. If you can paint markers that nicely surely it’s in your power to block Iain from your blog, for the sake of basing sanity. D 😉

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