Ayton Prep!

It’s only a month until Ayton and over the last few weeks I’ve been making pretty good progress. Although, for the AWI game on the Saturday that has seen a little less progress. Sorry Iain!

I did paint a unit of French for it though. Regiment Foix. 15mm Polly Oliver. I do like these figures albeit they are a little fragile.

And now we come to the main bit… I’d already painted a few spare WW2 German figures I had as Altefritzenburgers and then decided to add a few Fallschirmjaeger. I was going to do them as ‘ImagiNation’ as well but given I wanted to paint a few I wanted to get extra use out of them and use them for Chain of Command later. So I went for ‘proper’ figures!

Got a good deal on a platoon from Crusader before Christmas and added a few other bits and some Black Tree Design figures from eBay. They mix well and both are nice to paint. I went VERY early war and a few references I found have the FJ in a light grey smock. I suspect it should have a more green tinge to it but I like it. To facilitate ID’ing sections at the Ayton game I did different helmet and trousers combinations, added HQ figures and some support. And still have a few more to do… So here we go…

The full force at present…
First section – 9 riflemen, MG34 and NCO
Second section
Third section
The Altefritenburg contingent with medic and HMG support.
From von Donovan’s Legion – the native pathfinders!
Fallschirmjaeger HQ with a random guy with flamethrower!
Special agents
Corporal Belinda Burt and Capt ‘Huffy’ Huffington
And finally, overall commander, Major Hans Claus Patrick von Donovan. With protection.

And there we have things so far. I am painting more…and more…some for Ayton…some for CoC…who knows…

Four weeks and counting. Loads of time to do more!

2 thoughts on “Ayton Prep!”

  1. What do you mean “the main bit”? I thought the main game was the AWI thing and that you were “just going to paint a couple of figures for the Sunday game. Honest”!


    Mind you, they all look splendid. You’re on fire.

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