Ayton Preparation

Having completed the small Altefritzenburg contingent I decided they needed a little support (seeing as I had the figures…) so we have a mounted MG34 and Private Schulz, the medic! I think the figures are old Bolt Action.

And next up, the first lot of Fallschirmjaeger. I’ve done these in very early uniform. Grey smock and field grey trousers. The next lot I’ll do with the light brown helmet cover (quicker to paint!) and the final lot with the newer ‘green’ trousers just to enable me to differentiate the sections on the table. There are the HQ, mortar and MG34 to do as well. Figures by Crusader.

And finally, to use up some suitable figures I’ve had lying around for a few years (decades in one case!) I’ve done a few characters. Captain Archibold ‘Huffy’ Huffington and his rather imposing lady friend Belinda Burt in an as yet to be understood encounter with two rather dodgy American ‘gentlemen’. The latter figures are VERY old Grenadier I’ve had since about 1981! The former are show special figures (Partizan or York?).

There we have it. A little progress. Next lot of figures are primed and started and mojo seems firmly in place. This weekend should have seen more progress but I foolishly volunteered to help in a project at work to find out today that meant I’m working this Saturday and Sunday!! Bugger…

1 thought on “Ayton Preparation”

  1. Belinda Burt? And ancestor perhaps! Sadly, I think I’ve inherited her big bones.

    All very excellent, Andy. The colours on the paras work very well, and I particularly like the leather effect on the coats. You must tell me how you did that.

    But shouldn’t you be planning for our game in May?

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