Another Slight Diversion – 15mm Frostgrave

It’s almost been a month since the last post and now I’m going to do two at once! Back in January I picked up a copy of Frostgrave via a Facebook sale and thought I’d give it a go. At first I was tempted to stick with 28mm and use my Saxons and Normans as a core but the thought of adding more 28mm ‘creatures’ and creating the terrain was just too much. Now, in a box I had some Splintered Light Romano-Brits I’d started as yet another incarnation of the Savage Swans so I thought they would do as fighter types if I could source some suitable wizards!

Magister Militum do a pack and I picked one of those up at the York Show (along with some other bits of 15mm fantasy…) but the figures that caught my eye were the ones by Michael Stockin’s as part of his latest project – Crom’s Anvil. A small range of really nice little figures and a few that seemed to work as wizards and apprentices. I particularly like the Erland figure and also the assorted guards.

So I painted a few to see how things worked out.

Magister Militum Skeletons attacking the Romano-Brits
Magister Militum Skeletons attacking the Romano-Brits
Wizards attacked. The green chap is MM, his apprentice an old Freikorps figure, the rest from Crom’s Anvil
My version of Erland prepares to hold the hill!

So there we have it. A start. Rummaging through the lead pile I also found 15mm zombies, werewolves, wolfhounds, ninjas and lots of assorted civilian types so there are a lot of possbilities. I’ve got various bits of 15mm terrain and ruins to make (MDF and resin) so not quite there for an actual game yet. But soon…

Now, next post is back to the big stuff!

2 thoughts on “Another Slight Diversion – 15mm Frostgrave”

  1. They are very nice figures, Andy, and a super paint job, but shouldn’t you be planning for the game in May?

  2. Excellent, very pretty painting. I once vowed never to do 15mm again, but now find myself drawn into both fantasy and sci fi in the scale.

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