Bit of an update. Bit of everything…

Hmmm…it’s been two months since the Ayton game and no blogging… I’ve been doing some bits and pieces and obviously buying stuff but generally not had much enthusiasm. Lots of Real Life stuff still been going on which hasn’t helped and clearly the blog has been a low priority. I have posts for the Durham Lard Day, Ayton, Frostgrave and other bits that still need doing and WILL get done but in the meantime…

This coming weekend I’m down in Newark meeting up with Dave, Simon and Iain for games of DBN, Frostgrave and possibly others depending on time. As with a lot of these weekends I didn’t really need to paint anything. Simon has 10mm Naps for the DBN and I have the 15mm bits I used for the Frostgrave game on the Partizan weekend but…I’ve always wanted to do 1806 Prussians. Ever since Bruce Quarrie basically said they were crap in his Airfix Napoleonic Wargaming Guide I’ve fancied them as a challenge. Last year I actually painted up a single 10mm unit of Lancer Miniatures so for the 12 stands I’d need for DBN I had three done! Another order to Lancer and an order to Magister Militum (actually two orders as the first time I accidentally ordered everything I wanted in 15mm!!) gave me everything I wanted. So here we have them:

They are a little rough but once on the table they look fine. I still have more I’d like to do but feel I should do 12 stands for French now!

And for the Frostgrave? Well, I could have just used the Romano-Brit Barbarian Wizard combo I used before but… I thought Orcs…I’d painted a couple of trial ones a while back. Magister Militum (prev. Reaper?) to try out a suitable grubby green flesh colour…but…with the advent of the new GW Contrast Paints (have you heard of them?) I thought I’d go proper bright green orc flesh! Here’s a comparison:

For the single coat for the Contrast paint it works really well. I did it over white but I think other pale colours would work. I still quite like the right hand figure but base, main, wash and highlight is a lot of work! So here’s the final little group. My last lot had a war dog so I figured orcs should have a giant war rat! Full names and details will follow after the weekend.

I’d tried to darken the contrast paint by adding dark brown but over did it for the main wizard guy. So he will be suitably named to reflect his darkened look! They were all done with a coat of Vallejo White Primer, the green flesh added, then the details painted black and painted pretty well as normal. I couldn’t afford to buy all the Contrast Paints I’d need! Seems to work though…

And finally…a few weeks ago I bought a load of Cold War late 80s Dutch via Facebook. Mostly GHQ and CinC and nice but basic paint job. And based but not flocked.

So a bit of time adding my usual static grass and tracks and I now have the following:

A decent little force. A few unpainted extras thrown in to add bit and a load of GHQ/CinC Soviet kit I’ll be passing on to someone else.

So some progress at least. And really looking forward to seeing the chaps in Newark and getting some games in!

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  1. I am planning to try my GW contrast paints soon, so thanks for showing how yours worked!
    Its good to have you back posting, I hope all the ‘Life stuff’ is sorting out now and you are happier now, and ready for some virtual blood-letting!!!!

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