Back to the 18th Century…

After a bit of a hobby break and a nice trip to Granada it was time to get things moving again before I fell back into the old slovenly non-painting ways! Next May will be the 10th Ayton gathering and we will be returning to the C18th ImagiNations we started with all those years ago! My forces have chopped and changed over the years. Starting with big 56 figure units and then splitting them and going for 30s, several variation on cavalry organisation, and a mix of based and un-based artillery! It is time it was all sorted!

A year ago I painted up my third unit of Altefritzenburg regulars and as the unit had been started when I had big units I had prepped 12 grenadiers. When I did the small unit I had 6 spare so painted them anyway as a start on the next unit.

So I only had 24 musketeers/command to paint. I played around with how I did the white on the new figures and had to go back to the grenadiers to match them but the unit is done.

Light was not brilliant so may do them again when I have more space on the table!

I’ve also done a big sort out of cavalry and finally decide that I’m going with 12 figure units with command included. This means that a lot of the units I had lined up will have 3 surplus figures but I have a plan for that!

So now starts the big push to ‘finish’ my army. Or at least one side. More to come on that soon.

5 thoughts on “Back to the 18th Century…”

  1. They look stunning Andy, love the flags.
    I think I will be copying these colours for one of my imagination units, the cheque is in the post.

    Happy gaming,
    Willz Harley.

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