A few more troops and vignettes added.

Having done the big parade I still had a few things I wanted to add. Altefritzenburg has no jaegers as such. So I grabbed some of the Crann Tara Freytag Jaegers. Did separate officers and bugler so I can use for Sharp Practice.

I’ve also done a couple of vignettes. First, the Altefritzenburg High Command. Minden officers on Minden and Hinchliffe horses. RSM Hussar with Crann Tara standing horse. Hinchcliffe X Range AWI musketeer. Crann Tara and Minden foot officers.

And finally a vignette of an officer preparing for the day. Officer and coat holder were special sculpts by John. Ray and given to participants of a demo game at Partizan in 2015. Only 30 pairs produced. Horse holder is Crann Tara 45 Rebellion British dragoon. Servant with fruit is from a Jackdaw pack. No idea if still available. And a couple of pics of both bases together.

So, nice to do some fun bits. Next up is to finish the ‘foreign legion’ brigade with their converged grenadiers.

Then I might dabble with some 15mm stuff…

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  1. I love the combination of colours, it was a very good choice when you decided upon the uniforms of your army, well done..

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