Getting the band together

Back in 2013 and 2015 in Ayton we did an ACW and then Colonial game using a mix of historical and ImagiNation troops. As part of my C19th Alterfritzenburg force I decided they needed a band! Using some Stadden figures I came up with the following:

It was therefore inevitable that I would eventually want a band for my main C18th ImagiNation force! I’d used a few of the excellent Savoy fifers from Crann Tara for command stands in my units and I had a few of the Hinchliffe X Range AWI British drummers spare so I thought that would give me a nice little core. Then I found a Minden kettle drummer that Jim Purky had sent me and a conversion of a French NCO, also from Crann Tara, gave me a band leader/drum major. And I thought that was it… so I started painting.

And as I posted my daily progress updates on Twitter/Facebook Matt Williamson offered me some figures from a small Hanovarian range which is now stocked by Caliver under the Minifigs banner. Amongst the figures were four bassoon players and a suitable officer to accompany them. I decided the officer would be Marcus von Pieler, him being in charge of the wind section…

And again, I thought that was it. But no! Someone else referred to the excellent little vignette that Jim Purky produced based on the Fife and Drum logo of the Spirit of ’76 painting. And I figured they would look good as some ex-band kicked out of the army and fallen on hard times who drag themselves out of the local tavern and march along as the band passes through. With their trusty dog! And the marching fifers needed a couple of enthusiastic young people running alongside – a long last use for some Jackdaw figures I’ve had for years!

And so here we have the Altefritzenburg Military Band parading before the High Command.

Really enjoyed doing these. And quite pleased the purple worked. I’m currently working on various random bits and pieces. Messing around with my 15mm Punic War stuff to use with Infamy Infamy and just about have the Gauls sorted. I’ll use the Mid-Republican Romans to start and paint up the Caesarean stuff gradually. Have ordered a few bits from Essex and some Baeuda stuff from Magister Militum. Quite enjoying doing some 15mm again. Once I have the 15mm sorted properly (which may involve rebasing!) I intend to play some Mortem et Glorium.

I’ve also noted that this post will be No. 499. Posting has been slow over the last year for various reasons but this year, due to posting daily updates via Twitter/Facebook, has been slower still despite much better output! I’m hoping post 500 is not far off and will actually be a GAME!!! We shall see….

6 thoughts on “Getting the band together”

  1. The Band is an outstanding bit of fluff that adds a bit of humor and military dash! Well done! I’m just going to go ahead and plant the evil seed now… The Romans had bands too!

  2. What wonderful provenance! One could so easily step into their world and fall in behind them ! Fantastic basing again . Thanks for sharing.

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