Lockdown 2 Results

Although I’d been struggling to get my painting mojo back the ‘Government’ plunging us into a half-arsed Lockdown 2 last month did at least provide some focus and motivation for doing some daily painting and logging it all. For some reason I’d worked it out at 28 days but it was in fact 27… You can see the daily posts over on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/AnotherSlightDiversion and there and Twitter (https://twitter.com/CountBelASD) were the obvious places for little daily progress reports. It was good to have the focus again and I was pretty pleased I managed to keep it up.

I had no real plans for what to paint but as #dwarfcember was approaching I thought I’d at least attempt #gnollvember and paint the 15mm Splintered Light Hyena Men I’ve had sitting around for AGES! This led to a good few more assorted 15mm fantasy from various manufacturers (including a few sneaky pre-#dwarfcember dwarves!) and a few 28mm Footsore Normans. But mostly fantasy stuff! So here we have the results. Starting with an attempt at a bronze statue (which I STILL need to make the plinth for!) and ending with the first proper #dwarfcember figures.

Quite pleased really. The Four A Miniatures dwarves are particularly cut and fun to paint. Hopefully they will get the full range into proper production soon. So, now #dwarfcember is in full flow. I have about another 40 dwarves to paint but I may slip the odd thing in between. Though plans may be scuppered by COVISD as my daughter is currently isolating due to a contact at school and we are taking my lad to be tested this morning as he is showing symptoms… The results of which may also scupper our current house hunting and if timings are really bad (such is myself or my wife getting it) it will also scupper Christmas… But I’m sure out glorious leaders have it all under control…