Hello 2021!

Assorted family stuff over the holiday period meant I didn’t really get time for a 2020 retrospective and less time to lay out New Year Resolutions. But here goes now…

2020 – not the year we all had planned. The pandemic has had a HUGE impact on everyone in normal life and hobby life. I managed to get to Vapnartak last February and that was it for shows for the year. The big gathering at Ayton in May was inevitably cancelled which was a tad galling as it was our 10th gathering and lots of good games planned in celebration. We hope to make it happen sometime this year but…who knows…

So… what have been the highlights and hobby progress for the year and what are the plans for 2021?

2020 – Looking back

Twitter, Facebook and Daily Bits!

Right at the start of the year I committed to doing a little hobby activity EVERY DAY. Even if only 10-15 minutes, a bit of prep, undercoat. Something. Anything! And it worked great. The first project was the great rebasing of my C18th ImagiNation forces. A slow and tedious project that is ideal for doing a little bit at a time! The target was to be done for May (just in case Ayton happened) and I achieved that! Full details here: The Great Rebasing 2020

The whole Altefritzenburg Army

With no impending games that left the rest of the year to do what the hell I liked! So I added a few more little units and some vignettes.

I even added a few more Fallschirmjaeger and finished almost a full platoon of French!

The release of the excellent Infamy Infamy from Toofatlardies saw an attempt to add the extra bits I’d need to play this in 15mm so assorted bits of Gallic and Roman stuff was added. Needless to say I have yet to play a game…

I added another unit to my 20mm Les Higgins force when the prospect of a game in October still seemed a possible…

And finally, most of the latter part of the year was taken up with 15mm fantasy stuff! I’ve done a few for several Frostgrave games a couple of years ago but #orctober let me finish off all the orcs I had, #gnollvember saw me paint the Splintered Light Hyenamen I’ve had for a while, and #dwarfcember saw the half dozen little dwarves I’d bought at the last Durham Show spiral out of control! And amongst all those I painted odds and ends of other figures. mostly excellent Ral Partha Europe stuff but also some lovely little pieces from Crom’s Anvil. And I’m still painting 15mm fantasy…

There are a few other bits and pieces done (some 28mm Normans) and a few test figures (Senegalase) but overall I’m pretty pleased with the output! No idea what the total is as I haven’t been keeping count. The big driver has been the daily updates to Twitter and Facebook. I kept the routine up until August when I managed some time away with the family and the daily stuff only really kicked back in with Lockdown 2 and #dwarfcember. I’m keeping it going at the moment and I’m sure the inevitable Lockdown 3 will encourage that!

So, that was the year that wasn’t… What do I have planned for 2021?

2021 Plans

Inevitably anything regarding 2021 is at the whims of the pandemic and our wonderful Government so I’m not holding my breath… Here we go…

Ayton – It’s unlikely the May game will happen. We have provisionally booked a long weekend in October. Fingers crossed. The only thing I’m committed to is the big C18th ImagiNation game but I hope one of the days will see a face-off between the forces of Altefritzeburg and Iain Burt’s Gateway Alliance! I may need to paint some cavalry to make that a bit more balanced. And we have yet to agree on a set of rules!

Fallschirmjaeger and 28mm WW2 – the May’40 Fallschirmjaeger Kickstarter landed just before Christmas. Lovely figures. They will be started soon. I have some bits of French to finish. And I may have a few Belgians as well… I have no real plan for this other than to paint what I fancy when I fancy!

15mm Fantasy and Frostgrave – these have been fun to paint! I’ve got a few more barbarians, beastmen, civilians and magic users to do so there is a vague chance I may get them ALL painted! And I’ve decided on a paint scheme for my scenery (and found the box of scenery!) so I may get enough painted for an actual game!

Great Northern War 15mm – Yes. I’m attempting this again. I tried it MANY years ago using Dixon figures (in the mid-90s?) but never progressed. I almost painted some Holger Erikson… I’ve even had some 6mm and 10mm at different times. But 6 years ago at Salute myself and Essex Boy (Iain Burt) bought a load of Blue Moon Swedish and Russians. It never started. I sent my Swedes to him. Nothing happened. He is now sending the Swedes and Russians to ME! This will be the only (not really) new project for 2021! Not sure on rules but I think I will just go with units of 3 stands and go with lots of variety, and pikes and flags! Why 15mm? Well, 18mm really. Having recently painted all the fantasy and ancient stuff I have come to the conclusion I like 15mm. I can paint it fairly quick and to a decent standard and so far I don’t struggle seeing the bloody stuff! So, something that started YEARS ago with my reading Voltaire’s biography may finally get done! Honest…

20mm WSS – if (and it’s a big if) we manage another 20mm ShedCon game this year then I will finish off the 2-3 units I still need to do. I did contemplate GNW 20mm but decided against it.

And that’s probably it for projects! No shows for the foreseeable to distract me so I may stand a chance!

Games – might there be any before any potential Ayton? No idea. We are currently trying to move house (when we find one!) so a lot of my stuff is in storage so games at home unlikely (regardless of pandemic). I’ve pondered some of the many virtual game options but it’s never really grabbed me. The excellent Virtual Lards organised by Jeremy Short look to be excellent but I have little faith in my ability so commit to the few hours required, such is life at the moment. Maybe. Maybe…

And finally…GOODBYE AMAZON! I’ve pondered this for a while (along with general Social Media use) and decided that Amazon can go for the next year and possibly altogether. I have reservations about how they operate and the impact they have on other businesses and although I will confess to have used them a lot over 2020 it’s time for a change. Pretty well everything I want I can get direct from suppliers. I really DON’T need to have stuff the next day! I may be able to get something a few quid cheaper on Amazon but to be honest I can afford to pay that little bit extra if I feel that I’m helping out a supplier that way. So, I’ve removed the apps from my devices, deleted the bookmarks and I will do my buying direct from now on. Will Amazon be bothered? I doubt it! 🙂 But I will feel better…

Let’s see what 2021 brings….

14 thoughts on “Hello 2021!”

  1. You seem to have a lot of self discipline to get so much done over the year. Hopefully we can sort a game or two out sometime in the future (Covid allowing of course)! Have you considered something like “Maurice” for the GNW. It uses four element units and the basis is very much game not simulation, but is possibly worth a look.

  2. Blimey! You have been busy.

    That’s serious output that is. Not bad for someone who constantly complains about a loss of painting mojo.

    It all looks gorgeous.

    Now, tell more about your feelings when you finally, finally, accepted that your 28mm 18thC basing was completely wrong.


  3. I wish I had your dedication and ability to follow painting plans!

    Great work as always, I always like your Altefritzenburg Army!

  4. Great to see all the 2020 efforts and productiveness gathered in one place Andy. Well done!
    Some cracking achievements there, and really nice painting. I suspect that there are already some independent wargame suppliers out there who might not have survived the year without your single-handed efforts to stimulate the hobby economy!

  5. Wonderful Blog and beautiful miniatures. I would love to cut the cord to Amazon! However, the amount ordered, do to our location, and the savings in shipping, just don’t make it feasible at the moment.

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