Bit of an update..

It’s been a while again and the blog has been seriously neglected this year… Not that I’ve not been painting though. After the disruption of moving house last year I’m back doing daily updates. Had a bit of a wobble a couple of months ago where I lost all interest and the whole social media thing just did my head in. Stopped posting on forums. Deactivated my Twitter and Facebook accounts. Slight up turn in mood and I’m back on Twitter but Facebook remains shutdown and to be honest I’m not missing it.

I did a decent bit of painting in the run up to Ayton in May (see the previous post) and another big C18th game was planned for September. Unfortunately that coincided with the aforementioned downer and an issue with funds so reluctantly I withdrew from the game. I’d painted a few more units for it anyway and as I seemed to be in an C18th mood I’ve kept that theme going since.

I’ve been trying to finalise what forces I want for my ImagiNation project and having a decent force for Altefritzenburg I wanted to focus on their opposition of Braunschweig. I’d finally managed to paint the 3rd Regiment to complete the first brigade for the Ayton game but I’ve since completed three more regiments to give me my planned core of six regiments in two brigades.

I’ve also completed an HQ stand and some assorted brigade command stands.

I’ve already got guns and jaegers courtesy of Tim Hall. Tim had painted 16 jaegers but as my ‘light’ units are in 12s I added another 8 plus another officer to give me two units. New figures match quite well I think. All Foundry.

Tim had also done two guns and crew. Not sure on make of guns but crew are RSM. I added another officer (Irregular) and a couple of limbers.

Under our new rules most units are grouped into brigades. Usually of three units, a command stand, and a gun. So infantry basically look like this.

I’m in the process of painting the first proper Braunschweig Kuirassier regiment but some of my cavalry I’ve done as generic so can be used for either side as needed (for now) so a couple of hussar units and some dragoons can be deployed as a brigade in various ways.

So there we have the start of the Braunschweig forces to oppose those of Altefritzenburg!

Altefritzenburg will have a core of two brigades of infantry, another brigade with Von Donovan’s Legion, and the ‘Foreign Legion’ Brigade. And 2-3 brigades of cavalry.

I already have the two core brigades for Braunschweig, a mixed brigade of ‘random’ units and the start of what will be an allied ‘British’ brigade. I’m aiming for the same 2-3 brigades of cavalry.

I also have most of an ‘Ottoman’ themed contingent that can work with either side.

And needless to say I have assorted light troops, artillery, river boats/troops, mountain guns, natives etc. to pad things out as well!

And maybe a Hanoverian brigade…

Plenty to keep me going until the next big C18th game!

10 thoughts on “Bit of an update..”

  1. He’s back! And in wonderful Technicolour.

    Splendid post, mate, and absolutely awesome toys. Well done.

    Now you’ve just got to get them on a tabletop somewhere and give them a chance to show what they can do.


  2. Superb to see all your troops on show, the army is taking shape very nicely and are stunning. Loads of inspiration to take from this post.

  3. Lovely work as always.

    I seldom go on Facebook and am trying to prune my Twitter doomscrolling. I find my concentration is better and I am happier for it.

    Thanks for sharing your work!

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