More Ratnik civilians

I’m struggling (again) to summon enthusiasm for painting cavalry so the 6mm and 28mm I have on my workbench have been slid to one side while I paint something a bit more fun.

I primed another batch of the excellent Ratnik 18th century civilians (based on Edmé Bouchardon ‘a The Criers of Paris) early last year (maybe earlier…) and they have been sat gathering dust… So I thought I’d finish them finally. I used the same approach as the last lot. Base colour the whole figure, apply a wash, highlight. It gives them a suitably grubby look.

So here we have some more of Altefritzenburg’s finest loitering in the streets of the Old Town.

What I clearly need is one of those cobblestone mats and to paint all the assorted street debris I have…

I’ve dug out the last of the Ratniks. Two small batches. One are street bods which I’ll paint in the same way. The others are better off citizens who I will paint in my normal style.

5 thoughts on “More Ratnik civilians”

  1. Very nice, Andy!

    Perhaps a guillotine in the corner might be a nice touch…and possibly ‘cut’ the amount of civilians and clutter needed?

  2. You’re definitely getting a bit good at this painting malarkey. Lovely work. And such nice staging – very artistic. But yes, you need some cobbles.


  3. Nice work on the Ratnik civilian figures. I have all the sets, I have way too many civilian figures – but I least I have plenty of choice for background figures in small scale games and for storyline posts.

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