Merry Christmas!

Well, lots of other people seem to be issuing a seasonal greeting so I thought I’d join in! Back home after a good feed at the in-laws. Kids abed and shattered after a day of opening presents and playing – only minimal meltdowns! I did OK. Bottle of malt. Smellies, socks and jumper – all … Read more

One year old today!

It was one year ago today that I kicked off this blog. It wasn’t my first – I’d been using blogger to catalogue some of my ASL games in my ASL Stuff and Nonsense blog – but it was the start of my proper return to figure gaming. I won’t reiterate the background again here … Read more


Have just realised that at some point recently I must have changed the settings on the blog and it prevented comments being made. This also applied to the Tyneside Wargames Club blog I set up which is rather annoying! I think I’ve fixed it now… I was surprised that no one had commented at all … Read more

So what do I have planned…

So what do I have planned? Well… 15mm Punic War – I’ve been tempted by Field Of Glory and have dug out my Punic War armies and have been finishing off the painting of my second legion, bought some Corvus Belli Spaniards and Numidians and will be delving in to my ancients lead pile to … Read more